Meet the Staff

Annette Corsino-Blair "Yarn Maven"
Annette does all things relating to the fiber arts including knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, dyeing and embroidery.  Teaching the creative arts is her passion, and she loves to help all people realize their own creative visions! 


Fabulous support staff!

 Alicia Jackson, Bonnie Ikemura, Susie Mykles, Charlene Talbot, Gail Brown


Anne Kamsvaag - Colorwork, Steeking, Socks, Machine Knitting

Andrea Mordoh - Tunisian Crochet, What the Fiber, Special project classes

Trudy Perry - Tapestry Weaving, Circular Weaving

Leslie Nuesca - Macra-Weaving

Ana Petrova - Specialty classes

Gail Brown - Rigid Heddle Weaving

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