Meet the Staff


Annette Corsino-Blair "Yarn Maven"
She spins. She weaves. She knits. She crochets. She embroiders. She paints. She does bookbinding. She teaches. She makes jewelry. She is a photographer. AND she makes the yarn store fun.  

Bruce Blair "Producer"
Skilled in customer service and back of house management, Bruce keeps 20 zillion balls (of yarn) in the air all at the same time. And, in case you are curious, he is a great video editor.


Alina Cutrono "Yarn Spawn" 
Alina loves yarn!!! She knows all about the fiber content of our inventory and is a whiz at helping with yarn substitution. Be sure to ask to see her Penguono (pattern by Stephen West).


Aneesa Shami "Best"
Gallery Manager for Branch Gallery
Aneesa graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a double major in Fiber and Art History. In addition to managing the gallery, she organizes TKTLA's workshops and events calendar. She loves all things fiber, enjoys creative problem solving, and on her days off you can find her in the studio.


Chris Bahls "Yarn Dude"
Even with a BFA in Printmaking, Chris has been doing this fiber thing for a long time. He knows a lot. Just ask.


Lenora Francois Stewart "Crochet Queen"
Lenora is a wiz at all things crochet and also knows a lot about knitting. She is the point person for our Drop In Help. But don't expect her to help with brioche; because Lenora is convinced that brioche is for eating, not knitting.

Lilly Cutrono "Yarn Scout"
She is out and about in the world seeking new indie dyers and eye-popping color combos. Check in often to see what lusciousness Lilly has discovered.

Stacie Rasmussen "New Girl"
Stacie is the new kid in the shop. She is tall and can reach all the high up yarn that Lenora can't reach.  Stacie knits fast -- very fast.  Knit, Stacie. Knit. (She can crochet, too. But Lenora is the queen.)


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