Set of 5 stitch marker rings, essential accessories for knitters.

The Little Cats set consists of 5 marker rings that add a feline touch to in-progress. 5 different colors: white, blond, red, gray and pink (15 x 26 mm)

The Little Vegetables set consists of 5 marker rings that add a cute and healthy touch to snacks. Radish: Pink radish, with white root and green tops (12 x 23 mm) Mushroom: Mushroom with a light pink cap and beige foot (16 x 20 mm) Turnip: Purple turnip with white roots and green tops (12 x 23 mm) Broccoli: Green broccoli and pink foot (14 x 20 mm) Green peas: 3 green peas in their yellow pod (10 x 22 mm)

The Happy set consists of 5 marker rings that recall the happiness of colorful childhood: Happy: English adjective meaning happy - red, orange, yellow, green and blue (12 x 29 mm) Rainbow in pastel colors with small white clouds at its feet (20 x 27 mm) Wafer ice cream cone topped with 2 scoops of ice cream and its topping (10 x 20 mm) White car overflowing with colorful balloons - pink, yellow, red and blue (20x22mm) Delicious donut with strawberry topping. Colorful Sweet Glitter Decoration (29mm x 29mm)

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