JUL Designs Gate Hinge Screw-In Leather Snap Closure

Made in the USA out of 100% genuine leather. The Gate Hinge is based, in dimensions and shape, on an old rusty barn hinge, almost down to the location of the holes that once held wood screws. This hinge is wide and simple, adding drama to any garment or accessory on which it is placed. Though this and other JUL screw-in closures were originally designed for knitwear, they may be applied to any garment to which one wants to add a snap closure and an exciting and unique fashion statement. 

  • 5 inches wide by 3 inches tall
  • May be attached in two ways -- with screws and with leather lace. Each package contains both. The screws are used in the same manner as other JUL closures, where the threaded cylinder goes through the fabric and is held in place on the back with plastic washers and then the male part screws into the cylinder to hold the closure in place. 

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