Our Teachers

Ana Petrova - Loves to teach projects with unique stitches and enjoys felting.  Ana also makes jewelry and accessories.

Andy Mordoh - Andy is fascinated by any knit or crochet project with architectural construction.  She even crochets shoes.  And she is our spinning teacher.
Aneesa Shami - Not only does she manage the Branch Gallery, but she weaves too!  And yes, Aneesa is an all around knitter who loves color.
Anne Kamsvaag - Color work, Norwegian techniques and steeking guru.  Anne is a popular teacher for fine wearables.
Annette Corsino - She can teach everyone from kids to adults!  Annette is our regular Beginning Knitting teacher and also skilled at crochet.  All this and she spins too! 
Chinda Wongngamnit - Precision and detail are easy for Chinda.  She is our go-to brioche savant and loves the interplay of contrasting colors.
Chris Bahls - Shop colorist, Beginning Crochet teacher, Knitting support, designer, pattern editor; and all around funny guy.  
Elle Warren - Fiber artists with a flair.  Elle has joined us for reviving the beauty of embroidery.  She knows how to toss in the beads for sparkle and shine.
Grace Akhrem - She designs, she knits up a storm and she leads a wonderful class.  Grace is cool when you loose yours.
Kellee Vopelak -  Weft, warp, and weave.  Kellee will get your shuttle grooving.
Lenora Stewart - Crochet or knit - she knows stuff.  Lenora loves Tunisian Crochet, quick projects and beads.  All this and she is Cajun!
Stacie Rasmussen -  Knit, crochet, felt.


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